What do I pay for my calls?

Conversations over Skype and Skype for Business are free.

Is everything free?

No, for the installation of Skype for Business, you should consider licensing.

Should I replace my phone?

80% of the end users of Skype for business calls with a headset. A phone is in most cases unnecessary.

Will my call loose quality?

The quality is even better. Skype for Business uses the latest technology to provide the best sound quality.

Can I keep my phone number?

Yes, you can keep your phone thanks to the media gateway and SIP trunk operators. You choose who your host number.

Can I keep my call groups?

Yes, call groups are a basic feature of Skype for Business. You can set whether your users all together, or for calls.

How can I handle my conversion?

Smartlync recommends a transition which runs department by department. This provides the most efficient and most comfortable approach for end users.

Should I install servers?

Yes, you always have a server for Skype for Business. Which allows you to host in a data center or in your own server space.

What is my ROI?

You will feel the cost savings at several levels: a lower telecom invoice, less travel costs, and more productivity for you and your employees.

Can I work abroad with Skype for Business?

Thanks to the internet using Skype for Business service whenever and wherever you want. Note: Depending on the choices you make, you will feel an impact on quality. We give you advice based on your professional situation.

Do I still need a desk?

You no longer need a fixed workplace because your telephone number is available on your computer. Thanks to the switch to Skype for Business take everywhere with you your work number, even abroad.

Can I integrate my personal and my professional Skype account?

Yes, your Skype network is fully accessible through Skype for Business.