Skype for Business Use = flexible and efficient communication

Would you

  • share your calendars, presentations, documents and even your screen with colleagues;
  • start a conference call with audio and / or video in less than two minutes;
  • lay world connections and discover talents with LinkedIn integration;
  • realize instant messaging with customers or employees without detours;
  • incoming calls immediately forward it to the right people based on their agenda;
  • let your team collaborate efficiently through various mobile devices, wherever and whenever?

That's all possible with Skype for Business! The tool for companies that have made their dada innovative and efficient communication! And thanks Smartlync tool which is optimally integrated into your operation and organizational structure.

Thanks to
Skype for Business:

  • improve communication flow between your employees;
  • takes your customer service more efficiently;
  • choose the means of communication that best suits the situation;
  • you will work independently of time and place.